Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Last month, we took a big road trip to take Paul and Elsie to visit as much family as possible while daddy was home to drive us.  The first leg was to Reno but we stopped and stayed the night with an old high school friend in Vegas then finished the drive to my parents.  We were shocked by the temperatures in the 40s-60s and close to freezing at night as opposed to the 100+ we are used to.  We had a great time with my parents.  We visited Virginia City and Paul was super excited to get a train ticket and go for a ride.

Cliff and I left the kids one morning and did some service in the Reno temple.  It is always awesome to go back there are remember our wedding almost 5 years ago.
Despite the cold temps, no trip to Reno is complete without a trip up to Tahoe.  Cliff did a lot of playing in the water while most of us spent our time on the beach.  Paul loves digging in the sand while Elsie complained of being cold till I bundled her up in a fleece blanket.

After a few days in Reno, we went on to Idaho.  The whole Chandler family was able to come except Clay and Emily.  Paul got to experience some country ranch living and Elsie was blessed in church on Father's Day by her good old daddy.  My parents and Grandma and Grandpa Krupp came, too.  It was a full house.

Elsie was so excited for her blessing and her pretty dress that Grandma Swenson made her.
Elsie is so pretty and has the most beautiful smiles but I just love these photos and how the position was apparently over accentuating her double chin and she was making the most awesome faces.  So funny. 
After Idaho, we headed to Utah.  Paul has been loving airplanes these days so we stopped at the Hill Aerospace museum.  It was a lot of fun and Paul and Cliff loved all the airplanes.  Then we headed to Utah Valley to see Janet and her family and some friends.

Paul had a blast with his cousins and loved that it was cool enough to play outside.
At the curiosity museum with the Dunsters.

Us twins with our kiddos.

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