Sunday, April 12, 2015

In Which I Visit Another Canyon

So our friend Matt was down from Utah this last weekend, and even though it was conference weekend, we decided we needed to show him a good time. Nancy had to stay home for this one, unfortunately, but those of us who did go had an excellent time! We went to a canyon that's been on my list ever since I heard of it, though before I moved to Phoenix I never thought I'd actually get to it. It's called the Jug of Salome Creek, and it was awesome. It's a flowing water canyon with a single rappel that can be jumped, though all of us chickened out when that time came. The rappel was pretty sweet, though. It was down through a chute and the water really pushed on you. There were also several waterslides and swims. Observe the pictures:

Looking down canyon from the head of the canyon.

Classic Matt

Water slide!

Sarah coming down the water slide

Me sitting in a waterfall. I ended up backing up the water and it was quite a bit of pressure,
but I made it through. I now I know that you shouldn't sit in waterfalls!

Cool leaning rock

I told Dustin to look awesome. He did this.

This canyon was crawling with huge spiders.

I thought this picture was cool, but then Sarah insisted that I let her take the next one.

The rappel. You can do the jump from the end of the safety line that you can see on the top right.

Pulling the rope

Then the rope got a little stuck and I yanked on it and it came loose and I fell in. You can see Dustin laughing at me.

The hypothetical jump can be done from the rock just above and to the left (in this picture)
of the waterfall. Like I said, we all wimped out. Oh well.

The last swim

Looking back at the mouth of the canyon.

Cactus flowers!

The view on the hike back to the car. The road you can see across the valley is a previous section of the trail.
So, that's the canyon! Matt had a good time and so did everyone else. It's definitely one I'd be willing to make my way back to, and if there's enough water, I'd probably even try the jump! At any rate, that's about all I've got for the moment. This is Captain Danger out.