Friday, April 1, 2016

Jam Packed Spring Break

Last week was Cliff's spring break.  We were so excited to have him home for a week and had lots of plans and events going on.

On Saturday at the very start of spring break, we picked up our BYU friend Mckell and her 6th month old little girl at the airport for her annual Phoenix trip.  On Sunday we went to church and Cliff cooked some delicious bbq.  Then Monday we went to babytime at the library and then to the Desert Botanical Gardens.

On Tuesday, we took a trip to the Phoenix temple with Mckell and Sarah.  I think it was all of our first times getting to serve there.  We took turns going in to serve and watching the babes.  At one point, Cliff was the only one out and he was walking around the temple carrying two babies (one of which was not happy that he was not her mother) as other patrons passed and asked if he needed help. Paul loved playing in the fountain rocks.

After the temple, we headed to South Mountain for a nice afternoon hike.

Then on Wednesday, the six of us took a day trip to Sedona.  It's a little over two hours away and we have been meaning to go since moving here.  With the red rocks and such, it was like a little mini southern Utah.  We did an awesome hike called Devil's Bridge because of the rock bridge at the end of the hike, checked out a church built into a cliff, and just enjoyed the sights of nature.  

Paul was loving it up in his hiking throne

Family picture on the bridge

The bridge from below

The little guy passed out on the hike back.

The girls... stopping for a chat?
On Thursday, we relaxed and had a group dinner.  Then Friday, we got some stuff done and then went to the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant with Curtis and Katie.  We love watching the pageant.  It reminds us of the life of Jesus, His teachings, and His sacrifice and resurrection so that we too will live again.  It helps me get in the spirit and remember what this season is about.  

Saturday, we had a family reunion in the afternoon and got to hang out with lots of relatives that we only see every couple of years.  Then we spent the evening with my parents, who stayed with us for the weekend.  Paul loved playing with his grandma and grandpa and we all had a good time.  

Sunday was my uncle Brent's wedding.  It was a great wedding and we all enjoyed the party and spending time with family. 
At the wedding

This little guy got so much love this weekend.

Blue eyed boy with blue eyed Grandpa
Cliff's spring break seemed to fly by way too fast and we were bummed that my parents' visit was so short but we had a great break and had a lot of fun.