Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break

Last week was spring break (for me anyways, Cliff still has another week until his).  It went by way too fast and seemed way too short.  However, it was packed with fun activities, family, and friends. So that was good.

We started off with a Friday night ward temple night and social.  Then Mckell got into town to visit for the next few days and the adventures began.  On Saturday, we did Minnow Canyon for the second time.  It was so fun having 5 of us from our Utah canyon crew as well as some new friends.  The canyon was just as beautiful as the first time we did it and maybe even more fun.

The whole group

Then on Monday Cliff had to go back to school so Mckell, Sarah, and I went out for some adventures without him.  We met up with Sarah's coworkers for some rock climbing in Queen Creek Canyon.  With two of us pregnant, we didn't do anything too crazy but it was fun to get out and climb.

Made it!

Me and Cailin on the wall

Then Tuesday, us girls headed to the Gilbert temple for a session together. 

Then Tuesday night I headed to the airport for a flight to Reno to visit my parents and pick up our new car.  I spent Wednesday visiting Chelsea who I hadn't seen in forever.  She cut and highlighted my hair which I had been considering for a long time but never had the courage.  I donated the ponytails and really love the results. 

Thursday, I spent the whole day with my mom shopping and hanging out.  Then Cliff flew in and joined us that night to spend some time with us all and then chauffeur me back to Phoenix Sunday.
Friday, Cliff and I went to lunch with Rachel then had dinner with the whole family including my grandparents.  Then on Saturday we spent the day hiking and enjoying the views of Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe.  It also happened to be the wedding reception of a boy from my home ward that night, so I got to see a lot of people there.  Sunday, we headed back to Phoenix which ended up taking 16 hours because of an accident and long delay (not to mention mention all the pee stops).

Our brand new car (well compared to our trusty old car, that is)