Tuesday, February 28, 2017

In Which Nancy Proves (again) That She's Awesome!

Canyoneering! We finally got out again! The last time we went canyoneering was all the way back in June when we did Christopher Creek. As Nancy was 31 weeks pregnant this time, we decided that we would choose a simple canyon. The one we settled on was El Capitan Canyon. It's one of the shorter ones in our Arizona Canyoneering book and was supposed to be almost entirely dry. This ended up not being true, probably because it had rained pretty steadily the past two days. It was also fairly close to Phoenix, which was important because we were leaving Paul with friends all day. But, as you'll see in the pictures, it had running water! This made it pretty awesome, and thankfully the water wasn't that cold. Nancy, of course, did awesome, like she always does. This canyon was definitely more intense than the one we did the last time she was pregnant (well, this pregnant anyway), but it definitely didn't bother her.

As far as the canyon was concerned, it had some fun rappels. A few of the things we rappelled we probably could have downclimbed if the water hadn't been running. The running water definitely made everything beautiful, though. I took the pictures for this canyon with my Epic action camera. I like the wide-angle lens on it and how much of the scenery it grabs. What I don't love about it is how fast it eats through a set of batteries. I took a bunch of pictures in the early, open parts of the canyon, and I barely got any pictures of the cool parts of the canyon in the narrows because my batteries were dead. Dustin took a cool video of us doing a Tyrolean Traverse for Chanel (his wife, for those at home who don't know Dustin and Chanel), and took a cool picture of me with a waterfall, but as usual, he's Bogarting the pictures. You'll just have to work with the following:

First cascade/waterfall (kind of) we saw.

Who knew that wide-angle lenses took such great selfies?

Another sweet scene.

One of the rappels. Nancy is going down it. Dustin and Chanel actually ended up bypassing this one by climbing up to where I'm standing. I provided a meat anchor for the slightly exposed climb. I will say that one of my best skills is being a meat anchor.

Nancy in one of the coolest spots in the canyon. There was also a sweet tunnel, but my battery was dead so I didn't get a picture of it.
So that's El Capitan Canyon! We will probably go back again someday. It was a good time. That's all I've got for this post. This is Captain Danger out.

For good measure, some proof of what a great day Paul had with his friend.

Monday, February 27, 2017

In Which We Go to Christmas in Weiser

So it's been a while but I'm finally getting to it. So we went to Weiser for Christmas! It's been over a year since we'd visited, and it was great to get up there! I thought it was awesome, though Nancy and Paul didn't get to have as much fun as they could have because it was freezing up there the whole time. There was also the fact that it snowed almost constantly up there. Seriously like constantly. Since then there have been some major issues in Weiser and the surrounding areas with the snow buildup. But, despite that we had a great time seeing family and Paul got to go out in the snow and see the cows and horses, which he enjoyed. Here are some pictures!

This day was only like 34 degrees instead of 10 or 17

Paul helping Aunt Carly make cinnamon rolls.

Paul loved Sadie!

Christmas gun! Paul thought it was cool too.

Paul also got his first haircut! His hair was getting pretty long, and he was a pretty good boy for it, though he did squirm quite a bit while Grandma Chandler (my mom) was cutting it.

Before. Mullet style.


Paul's face rash was also going kind of crazy at the time. Thankfully that's not a thing he has anymore. We think he had it because he ate too many oranges, but we're not sure.

So overall it was a ton of fun! I also had the chance to create my "Awesome Man in Snow" photo series. Those follow. The "Awesome Man in Snow" photo series was taken using the highest quality 1.3 megapixel cell phone camera.

Awesome Man in Snow

Awesome Man in Snow II

Awesome Man in Snowy Sunset

Awesome Man in Falling Snow (I'll grant that the falling snow is hard to see in the glory of a 1.3 megapixel cell phone camera)

Awesome Man with Snowy Haystack

Awesome Man in Foggy Snow
Finally, I promise that Nancy was there! I guess we just never took any pictures of her! But overall we had a good time and loved seeing family!