Thursday, June 18, 2015

In Which We Post a Whole Lot of Baby Pictures

We did a fun little photo shoot (on our own, we didn't pay nobody, and that's obvious, but I think they're still cute) a couple weeks ago while Paul was still small. He's growing so fast! He's already gained more than three pounds and is still growing! Anyway, we just took some fun pictures in the house and now we want to show them to you!

This is him wearing the puppy hat that one of Nancy's coworkers crocheted for him.

Usually they do these kinds of pictures in a basket. We didn't have a basket and figured a big kitchen pot would work just fine.


I think he kind of looks like Gollum in this one. Nancy disagrees.

This one turned out AWESOME.

Nancy pointed out that this is perfect aside from the creepy pillow on my shirt.


He was totally cool with wearing this harness. Give it a few years and we'll have him in a real one.

So, that's that! We love him a ton and he's so fun to have with us! So, for those who were looking for more baby pictures, maybe now you're satiated for a while. For those who are tired of baby pictures, TOO BAD! No one's forcing you to look at them for goodness sake! That being said, that's all I've got for the moment. This is Captain Danger out.