Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Break and Our Last Trip as a Family of Three

Last week was Cliff's spring break from school. We packed it full of fun starting with Mckell's annual Phoenix visit.  She arrived on Friday and we started the weekend with a cookout at the Cammack's house.  It was so fun catching up with friends and getting the whole Phoenix group together. 

On Saturday, we did a group adventure hiking Quartz Ridge.  It was a nice 3.5 mile hike to the top of a little mountain with great views of the city.

Sunday, we relaxed, went to church, and had a nice group dinner.  Then Monday, Mckell, Brooke, Cliff, Paul and I headed to White Tanks Regional Park for some toddler friendly hiking and Arizona wildflower viewing.  We did a nice short 1 mile hike to a little waterfall (it was just a little trickle at this point) but there was a cool pool of water at the bottom.  And Paul was able to hike the whole way back by himself, too.  There were so many wildflowers covering the hills.  The whole experience really jump started my hay fever, which let me tell you, pregnancy bladder and sneezing 100 times per minute are a super fun combination but the landscape was beautiful and well worth it.

Then Tuesday, we met Sarah for some service at the Mesa Temple.  This was Cliff and my first opportunity to do any ordinances there so it was a great experience.  We took turns going in and playing with the kids outside.

On Wednesday, Mckell flew back to California and we headed to San Diego for our Sea World/ Beach vacation.
We arrived around 3 and had plenty of time to play at Mission Beach.  Unfortunately, it was pretty overcast and 70 is quite chilly compared to the 90s weather we have been having in Phoenix, so we were pretty cold but that did not stop the boys.
We also decided to do a DIY maternity photo shoot since we were at the beach and won't be getting photos done this time around.

 Paul loved playing in the waves with Cliff despite his chattering teeth.  Cliff brought him back to the beach to play since he was so cold but as soon as Cliff ran back to the water Paul said "me water, me water" and ran back to play more.

 Paul loved digging in the sand and being buried by Daddy.  They have cute matching farmer tans, too.

Paul petting some sharks.

The whole family on the sky ride, the only ride they would let me on.

 Sea World was a blast.  This was our second year bringing Paul with the free passes Cliff gets as a teacher.  It is such a great opportunity and so fun watching Paul get excited and "ooo, ahh, wow, and woah" at all the animals.  He just runs and gets right up against the glass and loves seeing all the creatures.
We met up with our friends Curtis and Katie for dinner at Cheese Cake Factory (our first time) and then on Friday morning, headed home to Phoenix.  Paul was an angel the 6 hours each way to and from San Diego which was a huge blessing and we had an awesome last trip just the three of us.