Monday, May 23, 2016

Paul's First Birthday

Well, it has been 4 days since we became the parents of a one year old toddler.  He is definitely still my little baby though. As of May 19th he is 21 lbs 15 oz, 30.3 inches tall, and had two tiny teeth but the day after his birthday one of his top ones popped through and a couple more are starting to poke out. He loves to be outside, runs to the park as soon as you put him down on the sidewalk, and loves to play in the sand. He is super talkative, dances around, started sleeping through the night, eats everything but still loves to nurse, and really knows what he wants these days.  Even since turning one, he has gotten more demanding and started to really let us know when he doesn't get what he wants.  He gives the sweetest little hugs, too.  He wants applause for doing any little thing you told him to do and starts clapping for himself.  He is definitely an adventurer and will run around a corner out of sight without fear, though we can't say the same for mommy.

Here is an overload of pictures from his birthday photo shoot.

Considering how much he likes food, he wasn't nearly as into his cake as we thought he would be.  He did some licking his fingers and stuck a bit in his mouth but then he ran off to go play with his new shopping cart. 

 Then Saturday we had some friends over for a birthday bbq for him.  Cliff grilled burgers and hot dogs but it was quite a hot evening so most of the party happened inside.
Getting sung to and before he tried to touch the fire. 

This was before he decided his cake was great and after he tried to touch the fire and freaked out. 

Showing off his birthday onesie and carrot.

After he decided his cake was a good thing afterall

I think he ate more of the chocolate than his giant yellow cake.

Paul had a great first birthday.  We are so grateful to have this little angel in our lives and for all the friends and family who show their love for him each day, too.