Friday, March 4, 2016

Valentines/Presidents' Day in St. George

We hadn't gotten away for a while when Anthony and Jessica Dunster invited us to join them in St. George for the long weekend.  We jumped on it pretty quick despite the 7 hour drive because, well, we have been itching for an adventure and we always love to see friends especially when it has been a while.  We were really excited when we found out Cliff not only had Monday off but Friday, too. So, we cancelled our Valentines roller skating date and on Friday morning, headed off to Utah.
Paul's new book kept him entertained most the way.

Paul was a trooper and didn't fuss a bit till he had already endured around 6 hours in his car seat.  He enjoyed his new book, ate lots of cheerios and poured even more down every crevice of his seat.

On Saturday, we enjoyed a quiet morning, hanging out with the Dunsters and relaxing.  Then we headed to dinner with the Sorensons who were in the leadership at our old singles ward.  After dinner, we headed to Dixie Rock for a little hike and a great view of the city.
The Group at Dixie Rock
At the top with a great view of the city and the temple.
The kids exploring some tunnels and holes in the rocks.

On Sunday, we attended sacrament meeting at a nearby chapel and then in the afternoon, drove over to Snow Canyon State Park for a leisurely stroll on one of the trails in the park.

Even the kids enjoyed the trail. (Please note, this is a trail and we are not letting our son crawl across the street)
Then we had a Valentines dinner of steak and potatoes. Yum. And the smoke alarm only went off 20 times while it was broiling.
Giant, delicious stakes.
Monday we headed to Black Rocks for some rock climbing.  Cliff and I had been climbing here on our vacation a couple years ago and there are some nice and easy walls for those of us who haven't climbed in ages.  We had a lot of fun climbing and the kids enjoyed playing in the dirt, eating rocks, etc.
Cliff and I on the wall.
Paul (aka dirty bum) inspecting our gear.
So overall it was an awesome trip with friends and we're looking forward to our next adventure!