Friday, April 21, 2017

Elsie's Birth Story!

Tuesday started like any other day. Paul and I went for our morning jog, then headed to my doctor's appointment where I found I was 3cm and 75-80 effaced. I had been 2 and 75 since 35 weeks so I left thinking if it had taken a month to progress 1 cm, we were surely going past the due date. 

We went to story time and had a nice family evening then headed to bed.  I could not get comfortable and was having to pee every five mins and my belly was feeling tight and uncomfortable, but I think I slept on and off till around midnight when I couldn't sleep because not only was I still peeing non-stop but I was actually starting to feel some real pain from the contractions.  I started timing the pain and it was about 4 mins apart, but seeing as I have never felt a real contraction, I wasn't sure if it was anything so I got up, folded some laundry, and did some chores.  

Around two thirty, the pain was still happening and I was beginning to think something really was happening since I could feel the contractions wrap around my back, had some pink tinged discharge, and started throwing up so that's when I woke Cliff up.  Still unsure if this was just practice, I tried to get more done while Cliff tried to convince me to go to the hospital since they were 2-7 mins apart. Everything I had heard said real labor contractions are regular and you can't talk through them, so though I was in a lot of pain, I did not want to call a friend in the middle of the night to go be told I was not in fact in labor.  

Well, not wanting to have a baby at home and knowing I needed to get to the hospital with a few hours to spare in order to get penicillin in for group b positive, I was convinced and around 3 am we dropped Paul off with some wonderful friends and headed to the hospital.  They checked me in and did the exam and turns out it was real labor! I was relieved to hear I was 6 cm and would certainly be having a baby that day.  We got settled in and ordered an epidural because I love those things. Plus like with Paul, my blood pressure was going up in labor so we needed to try to get it down.  I got the epidural and things seemed to get better, though I could still move my legs, feel everything, and felt all the contractions, but they didn't seem too painful anymore.  A few hours later, my doc came in and I was only at a seven (might explain why the contractions weren't bad as nothing was happening).  My doc broke my water to get things moving and then things got super intense.  

The contractions were way more intense and painful than before I got that epidural and I could not bear it.  We called anesthesiologist to get a top off but after half an hour things had only gotten worse.  We later found out they had only put two tiny pieces of tape on my back and the catheter had apparently gotten dislodged.  Well, as I'm laying there bawling through contractions, (Sounds dramatic I know but you have to realize I did not plan on having any feeling in my lower half through any of this ordeal, never took a class, studied breathing techniques, etc.) they call the doctor and decide that instead of starting a new epidural, it's best to just take the 9.5cm, -1 station we were at and try to push the baby out asap.  

I definitely hit Cliff a lot through the whole process and really did not think it was going to happen but after like a half hour of pushing with all my might, the worst pain of my life, and narrowly avoiding another episiotomy, she was here! And it was great, I had barely torn and didn't need a single stitch, plus I could jump out of bed and walk unassisted to the bathroom. So that was new.  The birth was obviously way harder than the one with Paul where I didn't feel a thing but the recovery had been great with minimal soreness and no need for even a single ibuprofen.  

Elsie came out the most beautiful baby girl.  Born at 9:39 am weighing 7 lbs 8.8ozand 20 inches long. We were so in love and she was so worth it.  She was alert and adorable and came out searching for something to suck on.  She nursed right away and was such a little natural. 

Weight picture!

Already love mom

Paul meeting his new baby sister

First family picture!

"Dad, stop pointing a camera at me."

I told Nancy that this bow makes her look like a cancan girl or something

Ready to go home!

First car seat picture!

Hanging out with Grandma and big brother

At home and happy
Now we're home. It took a while to get discharge from the hospital because my blood pressure went up again, but they finally let me leave and it's great to be home.

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  1. Oh my goodness girl! Way to push through it (literally!) I can't imagine not having my epidural work, they are definitely my best friend! But so glad you have a sweet little girl here now!